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We pay for your rental car

We pay $1000 of your deductible

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Save your factory paint, roof, and hood.

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Don't Wait for the Next Storm , being
Hit Twice May Total Your Vehicle

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That’s what PRAVDACAR Dent Repairs is best known for. We are proud of making our customers happy by doing a fine job of removing dents from their cars. When you bring your car to us for repairs, rest assured that we will remove the dents and restore the surface to its original condition. That’s because we care for our customers cars as if they are our own.




Paint-less Dent Repair or PDR

Paint-less Dent Repair or PDR is preferred by customers because it saves your nice factory paint job. Paint-less Dent Repair is preferred by customers because the dents are pushed out by hand and there isn't any need for paint, chemicals, or cutting the roof off the car. When the repair is finished the metal looks smooth and like new again. The original factory paint is preserved. The full resale or trade in value of the vehicle is restored.


Aftermarket paint

Aftermarket paint over bondo looks bad after a few years, and significantly devalues the vehicle.


Roof replacement

Roof replacement is not nessesary, a vehicle will never be the same after this highly invasive method of repair.



We take photos of every dent on your vehicle and provide it to your insurnace adjuster so they can approve your repairs. # The body shop will give you a NON-PDR estimate, they will write to replace parts that don't need replacing.

Approved by
all insurance

Absolute Highest Quality Repairs


Take Your Time

We can help you file a new claim, give you an estimate, or work with your existing claim no matter where you are in the process.

We meet most customers at Avis or Enterprise so all you have to do is take the rental and be on your way.

When you come to PRAVDACAR , we just agree to fix your vehicle for whatever the insurance pays, and waive your deductible (up to $1000).

We Get It

Dents get fixed one at a time by hand. The quality of the repair boils down to the skill and experience of the dent technician, and how much time he spends on your repairs.

PRAVDACAR Absolute Highest Quality Repairs. When using PDR to repair your vehicle there is no painting or filler needed eliminating the risk of any paint matching errors.

It’s Your Vehicle

We use advanced techniques and tools to make sure your car’s original look is brought back.

Your car will be ready to go back on the road in only a few days . We strive to deliver what we promised, no matter how minor or major the dent work.

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